Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ixia Boosts its Network Visibility Architecture

Ixia rolled out a series of enhancements to its network visibility product portfolio, extending the capabilities of its Visibility Architecture.

Updates include:

  • Application filtering technology – Using Ixia’s ATI Processor, administrators are able to select precise geo-tagged application traffic for forwarding to specific monitoring tools. File transfers to suspicious locations or VoIP connections from a branch office with performance problems can be automatically highlighted and directed to the appropriate tools for immediate analysis.
  • New high-density platform – Ixia’s ATI Processor is available in the new NTO 6212 packet broker, which enhances Ixia’s NTO family with application brokering and NetFlow generation in an efficient 48-port 1U package.
  • Advanced packet processing and 100G support – Ixia’s NTO 7300 now supports 100Gb interfaces and 1.8Tb of advanced processing (such as header stripping and deduplication), the highest capacity and density in the industry by a substantial margin.
  • Monitoring of financial feeds – Ixia’s recent TradeView release allows for the monitoring of market data down to the channel level, providing early warning of health issues with channel feeds that can save millions in revenue lost to trading errors.