Tuesday, December 9, 2014

3M and Orange Bring Cloud and 3D Printing to Dental Care

3M is launching a 3D digital scanner service for the dental market using Orange Business Services' secure cloud platform in Europe.

3M and Orange Business Services designed an advanced solution that uses an intra-oral digital camera to capture highly accurate digital scans.  The data is securely transmitted to production centers where prosthetic and orthodontic works or moldings are produced via 3D printers. The service enables better patient care, saves time and maximizes the comfort offered to dentists, orthodontists, dental technicians and patients.

This platform also requires the storage and sharing of patient data. With the Orange Flexible Computing Healthcare solution, 3M implemented a solution complying with the legal requirements of the French Ministry of Health. The French legislation, one of the most stringent in Europe, requires that the data be hosted by an organization approved by the Ministry of Health.


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