Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wedge Networks Leverages NFV for Cloud Network Defense

Wedge Networks, a start-up headquartered in Calgary, introduced its Cloud Network Defense (CND) technology as a means to deliver high levels of cyber security within service provider networks.  Wedge supplies an embedded operating system that enables the delivery of a variety of security functions running on commodity servers.

Unlike current security technologies that rely on proprietary hardware or require security providers to direct traffic to third party infrastructure for inspection, Wedge's Cloud Network Defense integrates Deep Content Inspection (DCI) and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) with advanced software to direct and load-balance computing resources – including spawning off and ‘shrinking’ instances, which normally executes in hardware. The architecture leverages SDN and NFV to ensure scalability, elasticity (dynamic reallocation per demand), ubiquitous availability, and high capacity for the cloud centric networks.

NFV-S is the heart of Cloud Network Defense's Elastic Security Services Orchestration.  Working as a pooled resource, it dynamically applies specific policy based security inspection to specific user device traffic in response to network load.

The company notes that it is the only cloud security solution to perform high-performance content inspection without requiring traffic to leave the network. Malware signatures can be licensed from the top providers.

“Cloud Network Defense will transform the way security is delivered” says Dr Hongwen Zhang, president and CEO of Wedge Networks. “It is a cloud based software platform leveraging SDN and NFV technology to perform what we call Elastic Security Services Orchestration™. Our software makes it easy for service providers to offer embedded security as a scalable, high performance service for cloud connected networks. Web, email and mobile security policy can now be unified and optimized across all network traffic and all devices, anytime, anywhere”.

Wedge Networks is already deployed globally and serving a number of top tier mobile operators.