Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Verizon Opens Cloud Marketplace

Verizon officially opened its Cloud Marketplace featuring enterprise-class cloud based services from multiple third-party providers.  The marketplace, which is available to users of the Verizon Cloud, offers software-based cloud resources that are certified to operate in Verizon’s cloud environments.

The storefront initially features pre-built cloud solutions from AppDynamics, Hitachi Data Systems, Juniper Networks, pfSense and Tervela. Juniper is offering its Firefly Perimeter virtual firewall solution, which is a virtualized version of the company's SRX Series Services Gateway. Firefly Perimeter can be deployed and managed centrally or individually as a full-featured virtual firewall for each department, application or tenant.

Verizon Cloud Marketplace applications are consolidated on a single monthly invoice for all cloud services.

“The launch of Verizon Cloud Marketplace is an important milestone in the ongoing evolution of our cloud ecosystem,” said Siki Giunta, senior vice president of cloud services, Verizon Enterprise Solutions. “Verizon Cloud Marketplace is all about simplifying and streamlining migration to the cloud, and enterprises using Verizon Cloud will now have access to a growing number of industry-leading cloud-based applications required to power their businesses in the digital age.”

In September 2014, Verizon Enterprise Solutions announced a new service model for cloud services under which it will encourage multi-cloud hybrid architectures while offering a variety of services tiers, onboarding and workload migration services to encourage help enterprises to migrate business critical workloads.

Verizon promises seamless integration with third-party cloud services.  It will offer several deployment options ranging from public cloud to private on-premise cloud.

At the centerpiece of the strategy is its own Verizon Cloud, which is tightly bound with network and security capabilities. A unified user console will tie multiple cloud services together.

Verizon's MPLS-based Secure Cloud Interconnect (SCI) provides Private IP access to major cloud service providers, including just announced connectivity to AWS.

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