Monday, November 3, 2014

Siaras' cloudScape Straddles Cloud/WAN Divide

Siaras, a start-up based in Silicon Valley and Burnaby, BC, unveiled its cloudScape software platform for enabling intercloud WAN connectivity by leveraging SDN WAN orchestration from a wide variety of equipment suppliers with direct, dedicated connectivity offerings available from many public cloud operators.

Siaras' cloudScape enables network service providers to integrated their own public or managed private cloud assets with third-party public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, and others.  Specifically, cloudScape allows service providers to build “overclouds” with multiple heterogeneous data center and WAN “underclouds” provides the following functions:

  1. Automatic orchestration of open intercloud WANs in response to real time needs between virtual data centers.
  2. On demand intercloud WAN connectivity, or WAN-as-a-service (WANaaS), enabling connections to be spun up and torn down in a matter of minutes.
  3. Traffic-engineering-as-a-service (TEaaS) allowing per-app, policy-based sharing of WAN connectivity.
  4. Virtual points-of-presence (POPs) inside third-party public clouds facilitating the on-demand establishment of virtual data centers along with requisite WAN connectivity. This is especially important for cloud bursting, data base back up, and disaster recovery scenarios.
Working in partnership with KVH in Tokyo, Siaras recently completed a proof of concept that enables KVH enterprise customers are able to spin up workloads in multiple dissimilar data centers via a single cloud and WAN orchestration interface. The PoC, which utilized the Siaras cloudScape platform, enables KVH to substantially broaden the range of cloud services it offers
  • Siaras was founded in 2013 by Vivek Ragavan and Sig Luft.
  • Siara Systems was a developer of metro area networking technology acquired by Redback Networks in 1999 in a deal valued at $4.3 billion in stock at the time. Vivek Ragavan was CEO of Siara Systems and Sig Luft was Director of Software Development.