Saturday, November 22, 2014

Primary Data Appoints Steve Wozniak as Chief Scientist

Primary Data, a start-up based in Los Altos, California, announced that Steve Wozniak has joined the company as Chief Scientist.

Primary Data is developing data virtualization technology that aligns applications, servers and storage systems in a single, global dataspace.

The comapny's solution is to separate the metadata that describes files from the actual file data to allow universal access to data across all types and tiers of storage. An intelligent policy engine provides on-demand data placement, agnostic storage protocols deliver access across file, block and object stores, and a full complement of data services enable seamless linear scalability of both performance and capacity.

Elements of the Primary Data virtualization platform include:

  • Data Hypervisor: Virtualizes data by decoupling the access channel from the control channel. The Data Hypervisor makes clients protocol-agnostic and allows data to be transparently placed across third-party storage under a global dataspace.
  • Data Director: A central management system that acts as a metadata server for the Data Hypervisor clients and provides policy definitions for data movement and placement.
  • Policy Engine: Enables organizations to manage data independently of storage. User-defined policies automate data movement across all storage types based on the data’s current performance, price, and protection needs.
  • Global Dataspace: The Primary Data platform gives data administrators global visibility into all storage resources in the enterprise. Real-time policies dynamically migrate data between storage tiers as application and data demands change.

“Innovations like wearables, digital assistants, and the Internet of Things are making computing more and more transparent in our lives, and for technology to remain accessible, we need to ensure data remains seamless as it serves us information,” said Wozniak. “Primary Data uses data virtualization to dynamically place data anywhere as applications demand. I’m excited to share our data virtualization platform with the world.”

Most recently, Wozniak served as Chief Scientist of flash memory innovator Fusion-io, where he worked closely with Lance Smith, David Flynn, and Rick White -- the team behind Primary Data.

“Working to develop disruptive technology is always exciting, but it’s even more exciting when you can team up with a talented group of friends to achieve those goals together,” said Rick White, Primary Data co-founder and chief marketing officer. “With Woz on the team along with Lance and David, we now have the band back together, and I’m amped to be reunited at Primary Data.”