Sunday, November 16, 2014

NEC Debuts Cloud Service for Car Dealerships

NEC introduced a cloud service aimed at car manufacturers and dealerships expanding throughout emerging markets.

The idea is to help car manufacturers implement management systems in dealerships quickly and at low cost for sales and maintenance functions. The service is able to collect and analyze dealership management data and provide it in a report format for the companies that oversee dealerships.

 "This innovative new service utilizes the cloud to offer a wide variety of functions in support of car dealership services, including the management of quotations, sales, inventory and order placement for new cars and parts, as well as the management of repair bookings, working-hours and history. Rather than a customer building their own system, NEC's solution can be introduced in about one-third of the time and for approximately one-half of the cost," explained Mitsuhiko Nozue, general manager, 2nd Manufacturing and Automotive Industries Solutions Division of NEC.