Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mimosa Unveils Its Hotspot-to-the-Home Gateway

Mimosa Networks, a start-up based in Campbell, California, introduced its C5i Hotspot-to-the-Home Gateway for connecting to urban Wi-Fi networks.

Mimosa’s C5i packs a 4x4:4 Multi-User MIMO radio that leverages beamforming technology for automatic antenna aiming.  The device is self-installable and can connect to any outdoor 5 GHz Wi-Fi access point or to a Mimosa access point, which uses a TDMA protocol to optimize performance.

“Consumers can easily mount the device to a window and connect with the access point of their local Internet service provider. With a single device, the C5i can bring the Internet into the home at incredible speeds of up to 500 Mbps,” says Brian Hinman, CEO of Mimosa.

Mimosa Networks, a pioneer in gigabit wireless technology, leverages the most advanced Wi-Fi technology to design and manufacture outdoor gigabit wireless platforms for service providers demanding fiber speed networks. Mimosa technology provides the highest level of scale, capacity and reliability for multiple verticals and applications. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2012, the company has so far raised a total of over $38 million in venture capital funding. Mimosa is led by Brian Hinman, notable CEO and founder of 2Wire, Polycom and PictureTel and includes experienced executives and key talent from leading telecommunications and consumer product companies.


  • In August, Mimosa Networks unveiled its B5 Backhaul radio with coordinated Massive MIMO technology and Mimosa Cloud Services (MCS), featuring advanced network-wide planning and analytics. The company cited a number of innovations:

  • Advanced Colocation ­ -- the B5 radio makes the most of available spectrum. Using both GPS and GLONASS to maximize satellite sync through precision timing as well as sophisticated RF isolation techniques, the B5 radio offers maximum spectrum re-use for colocated devices.
  • Spectrum Multiplication -- leverages coordinated Massive MIMO technology, allowing colocated radios to deliver 16 MIMO streams, and 4 Gbps of throughput, all while sharing the same channel. 
  • Auto Everything ­-- the first radio to offer real-time spectrum analysis without service interruption. The B5 radio automatically optimizes bandwidth, frequency and power use based on historical and real-time data ­ allowing the radio to immediately adapt to any environmental change.
  • Dual Link ­-- actively load balances across two non-contiguous channels to provide unprecedented resiliency against interference.
  • Mimosa Cloud Services -- a cloud-based planning and analytics tool set for wireless service providers.  Enhanced with Google Maps mapping service, Mimosa's network design features allow operators to visually plan and design links while viewing their entire network in one location. Additional topology and obstruction information as well as environmental ITU-based data provide deeper understanding of how a link might operate in real-life.
The B5 Backhaul radio is available for order in two versions ­ an antenna-integrated 5 GHz backhaul radio (B5); and a connectorized radio-only version (B5c).  The B5 (List Price: $899 for B5, $839 for B5c) will begin shipping to customers in Fall 2014.

  • Mimosa has raised over $38 million in venture funding.

Mimosa Networks, a start-up based in Campbell, California, unveiled its B5 Backhaul 


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