Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Intel Achieves 32 Gbps SerDes on 14nm Process

Intel published silicon characterization results for its 1 to 32 Gbps high-speed SerDes on the 14nm process. This marks the first time that a 32 Gbps, multiprotocol SerDes has been validated on any sub-20nm foundry process.

Intel's 14nm SerDes family is the second generation of SerDes offering and is built on the company's 12 and 28 Gbps SerDes, which is currently in production on its 22nm Tri-gate process technology. The new 14nm SerDes extends the operating range while reducing power by 20 percent and area by more than 40 percent as compared to Intel's 22nm SerDes offering.

"Our SerDes architecture continues to improve with each successive development in the Tri-gate process" said Ali Farhang, vice president, Design and Enablement Services, Intel Custom Foundry. "We are able to meet the 28G CEI LR spec while supporting operation down to 1 Gbps, thus enabling flexibility in our customers' products."



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