Wednesday, November 19, 2014

IBM Patents Data Privacy Engine for Clouds

IBM has patented the design for a data privacy engine for protecting personal data as it is transferred between countries, including across private clouds.

IBM's new patented Data Privacy Engine invention – U.S. Patent #8,695,101 – lets businesses aggregate international and organizational requirements for data transfers and apply them to individual projects. The company said its innovation lets organizations see what restrictions have been put in place for different types of protected information when transferring it between two countries, including data stored in a private cloud. The engine also flags cross-border privacy issues and provides recommendations on how to resolve each based on the information the business has input into the engine. In the event underlying privacy requirements change, the engine can be updated to reflect these rules. Users can then notify teams that previously approved transfers may need to be revisited in order to prevent potential violations.

"Global businesses today face significant challenges in protecting personal data and keeping up with regulations in an environment where cross-border flows of information are more important than ever," said Christina Peters, chief privacy officer, IBM. "Our new invention provides a privacy technique that could help businesses navigate an increasingly complex landscape and help companies proactively manage risk."


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