Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Huawei and Singtel to Launch 5G Innovation Program

SingTel and Huawei signed an MoU to launch a 5G Joint Innovation Program which will serve as a research hub for the advancement of 5G mobile broadband technologies. The parties shall endeavor to set up a 5G trial for SingTel’s customers.

Huawei is working on a range of 5G technologies.  The company has recently disclosed a 128TRX Massive MIMO prototype. By providing higher resolution in angular domain, it supports 3D user location distribution, so that spectrum efficiency and system capacity can be greatly improved. Massive MIMO is considered as a key technology required for the evolution to 5G. Sparse Code Multiple Access (SCMA), a significant breakthrough technology, is also demonstrated by Huawei in the forum. Live test shows that SCMA can improve the number of connections by 300%, and decrease air interface latency by 7 times.

SingTel Group CTO Mr. Tay Soo Meng says "SingTel Group is constantly seeking opportunities to advance the technologies that bring the best communications experience to our customers throughout the region. We are pleased to participate in this 5G Joint Innovation Program with Huawei to keep abreast and appreciate 5G technologies to ensure SingTel continue its technology leadership in the mobile communications domain as we move towards the 5G era.

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