Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Google Lists Carrier Interconnect Partners and Pricing

Equinix, IX Reach, Level 3, TATA Communications, Telx, Verizon, and Zayo are the initial service providers supporting the newly launched Google Cloud Interconnect service.

Google Cloud Interconnect provides dedicated connections into edge locations of Google's global network via the service provider partners. Google also offers direct peering at 70 points of presence across 30 countries.

Interconnect egress is priced at up to a 50% discount compared to regular Internet egress, with no additional port fees. Ingress is free.

Google lists the following Interconnect Egress prices per GB:

  • North America - $0.04
  • Europe - $0.05
  • Asia-Pacific - $0.06

In addition, Google announced boosted TCP throughput and connections per second limits for its Andromeda network virtualization stack. Andromeda enables Cloud Platform networking services such as firewalls, routing and forwarding rules using Google's internal APIs and infrastructure. Andromeda's TCP throughput for a single stream has now been boosted from 2 Gbps to over 3 Gbps.  For 200 streams, Andromeda now delivers 5 Gbps of TCP throughput.