Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fujitsu Intros In-Building LTE Femtocell

Fujitsu introduced its BroadOne LS100 Series LTE Femtocell, a small and lightweight indoor base station for North America.

Fujitsu said its new small cell implements a unique interference avoidance capability that provides the highest signal strength from either the macrocell or the small cell, and provides a smooth handoff between them. Interference is mitigated through four distinct control functions – frequency, power, timing and access - in turn helping to improve user data rates. The self-optimizing feature autonomously monitors the local RF environment and intelligently adjusts to maximize user throughput. In addition, the robust QOS and Scheduler features best support premium 4G services like VoLTE.

“As mobile traffic increases with the growing use of smart devices, network operators must increase coverage and capacity of their networks,” said Tetsuya Takase, Head of Wireless at Fujitsu Network Communications. “The LS100 Series provides operators an affordable solution to improve in-building coverage and add capacity where high-speed data is critical, ultimately improving the overall user experience.”

The LS100 Series is one element of the Fujitsu solution that also includes the LS700 HeNB Gateway and LS800 HeMS Element Management System (EMS). The gateway provides high scalability by expanding processing capacity during increased traffic, while the EMS’s open OSS interface and intuitive GUI design ensure flexible, simplified element management support.

In this sponsored video, Fujitsu introduces its BroadOne GX4000 Multi-Gigabit Wireless Transport System for the North American market.  This E-band solution operates in the 70 / 80 GHz frequency band and uses Fujitsu's “Impulse Radio” technology to enable an ultra-high data rate of 3 Gbps for a wireless link. It provides wireless CPRI transport for cellular fronthaul.

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