Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Equinix Cloud Exchange Delivers Direct Access to Google Cloud

Equinix is launching direct access to Google Cloud Platform in 15 markets worldwide via its Equinix Cloud Exchange.

Specifically, Equinix will offer up to a 10Gb connection to Google cloud services with full bursting capabilities, enabling applications running in a private cloud to “burst” into the public cloud for computing capacity when demand surges.

Equinix will manage multiple IP addressing methods for enterprise customers including customer-provided addresses, local LAN addressing and Google-provided IP addressing providing maximum flexibility in how they access Google Cloud Platform.

Equinix said its connections will be enterprise-grade, with guaranteed bandwidth to Google’s network edge. Access to Google Cloud Platform will be available through the Equinix Cloud Exchange in 15 markets spanning the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, including Amsterdam, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Tokyo and Washington, D.C.

“Offering flexible, low-latency connections to the cloud is the primary goal of the Equinix Cloud Exchange, and adding Google to our impressive portfolio of cloud providers will be well received by our customers. By offering direct access to cloud services such as Google’s Cloud Platform, enterprises will now have multiple high-performance connectivity options to enable their hybrid cloud strategies,” stated Ihab Tarazi, chief technology officer, Equinix.