Wednesday, November 5, 2014

China Telecom Tests Huawei's Transport SDN Controller

China Telecom Fujian (Fujian Telecom) and China Telecom Beijing Research Institute have tested Huawei's Transport SDN controller for implementing an intelligent private line Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) app for VIP customers.

The idea is to let VIP customers apply for private line services online, which would then be provisioned immediately over the optical transport network. In addition, tenants can adjust the service bandwidth of private lines in real-time based on traffic volume, making full use of bandwidth resources.   '

Zha Jun, President of Huawei Fixed Network Product Line, said, "Huawei cooperated with China Telecom to deploy the innovative BoD private line app based on the transport SDN. The deployment is a key milestone that effectively pushes progress of the transport SDN industry. Huawei will continue to cooperate with China Telecom in developing cutting-edge 400G, 1T, 2T, and SDN technologies, and building a flexible, synergetic, intelligent, and open next-generation transport network."


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