Monday, November 10, 2014

Chicago's StarWave Exchange Implements Ciena’s 8700 Packetwave

StarWave, a Chicago-based research and education (R&E) communication services exchange facility, is deploying Ciena’s 8700 Packetwave Platform for 100GbE bandwidth interconnection. This upgrade will facilitate transfers for multiple sciences, such as data flows used by high energy physicists investigating particle collisions, and medical researchers sharing massive genomic data files and high-resolution images of protein strands used for cancer research.

The StarWave multi-100 Gbps exchange, located at the StarLight International/National Communications Exchange Facility Consortium, supports large-capacity, long duration, and low latency individual data flow transfers.

Multiple national and international 100 Gbps demonstrations leveraging StarWave are expected at next week's Supercomputing (SC14) conference in New Orleans.

“Ciena’s technology plays a pivotal role in supporting big data, high-performance computing and R&E efforts, improving the way researchers interact and conduct complex, data-intensive scientific discovery. Our 8700 platform enables the needed collaboration in the R&E community by offering massive scalability to carry huge science data flows in a platform that is easy to set up, deploy, and manage,” stated Rod Wilson, Senior Director of External Research, Ciena.

  • In June 2014, Ciena introduced its programmable, 8700 Packetwave Platform, a multi-terabit Ethernet/DWDM switch designed to transform metro and inter-data center networks. The new 8700 Packetwave integrates Ethernet and MPLS-TP switching with Ciena’s WaveLogic Photonics into a single, scalable platform. It leverages Ciena’s Service-Aware Operating System, OneControl Unified Management System, and SLA portal.  It can also be deployed in conjunction with Ciena’s V-WAN software to give customers performance-on-demand cloud service connectivity.