Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ZTE Intros ElasticNet SDN IPRAN Solution

ZTE introduced its ElasticNet SDN IPRAN (Internet Protocol Radio Access Network) solution for virtualizing the access layer of mobile networks. Its goal is to simplify network structures and operations and maintenance (O&M) for mobile operators by introducing an intelligent, maintainable IPRAN bearer network.

ZTE said the problem of complexity in mobile network backhaul has been growing because of the number of eNB base stations required for LTE.

The new ElasticNet SDN IPRAN solution virtualises the massive amounts of remote access-layer equipment into a virtual cluster, simplifying the IPRAN equipment and improving automatic network deployment, O&M and network service capability.  Its ZTE IPRAN solution is based on unified standard SDN northbound and southbound interfaces to help ensure an open network capability and to create application value to meet the requirements of new LTE service deployment and rapid innovation.  The ZTE ElasticNet SDN IPRAN uses an external stand-alone controller based on standard OpenFlow protocol.

Fan Chengfa, chief engineer of ZTE’s Bearer Network product line, said: "With the growing popularity of mobile Internet, mobile bearer networks are taking on an increasingly important role, and meanwhile higher labour costs are creating more pressure for efficient network operation. Applying SDN to the IPRAN combines software-based automatic management and application-on-demand to help operators further simplify O&M and enrich service capabilities so as to provide customers with better service.”


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