Sunday, October 12, 2014

Equinix Doubles the Size of its AM3 Amsterdam Data Center

Equinix has completed phase two of its Amsterdam data center, AM3 at Science Park. The facility now spans 17,800 square meters and delivers space for up to 2,800 cabinets – doubling the 1,400 cabinets available in phase 1.

The company said that the more than 120 cloud providers at AM3 can reach 80 percent of Europe within 50 milliseconds from this location, making the facility a highly sought after location and cloud hotspot in Europe. The high rate of connectivity has made Science Park Amsterdam a highly sought after location and cloud hotspot in Europe; forty-two percent of the Netherlands’ data traffic has been routed through it since its opening two years ago. Amsterdam Science Park is now the second largest data route in the Netherlands behind Amsterdam South East, which handles 43 percent of the country’s data traffic.

“Located at the heart of Europe’s digital gateway, AM3 is one of Equinix’s most innovative and sustainable facilities. By completing phase 2 ahead of schedule, Equinix has doubled capacity at AM3, allowing a greater number of corporations and service providers to leverage the more than 250 networks available at Science Park Amsterdam,” stated Steve Smith, CEO and president, Equinix.