Sunday, October 19, 2014

CenturyLink opens Cloud Dev Center Near Seattle

CenturyLink has opened a cloud development center in Bellevue, Washington. Centurylink said the Seattle area was selected as the location for the facility due to the concentration of cloud companies and resources in the market.
The Cloud Development Center ushers in a new era for CenturyLink, offering a collaborative environment for top technology talent from around the world, a hub for client and industry discussions, and a focal point for building technology solutions that benefit our customers,said Jared Wray, chief technology officer for CenturyLink Cloud and head of the new center. Our new facility builds on our legacy roots in the Seattle area, where we founded CenturyLink Cloud, and is designed to foster creativity among the top developers and coders of today and tomorrow as they keep CenturyLink at the forefront of cloud and platform innovation.
CenturyLink highlighted several significant cloud advancements since its acquisition of Tier 3 in November 2013:
  • launching globally available Private Cloud service in 57 data centers
  • adding several new public cloud nodes, bringing the total number of worldwide locations to 12
  • contributing Panamax, a Docker management platform, to the open-source community
  • introducing self-service, on-demand managed services through the CenturyLink Cloud platform
  • launching Hyperscale high-performance server instances designed for web-scale workloads, big data and cloud-native applications
  • joining the Cloud Foundry foundation