Thursday, October 9, 2014

Big Switch is First with OpenStack Compatible Mark

Big Switch Networks is the first networking vendor to be gain the OpenStack Foundation’s OpenStack Compatible mark. Its solution combines bare metal Ethernet switch hardware, SDN controller software, and OpenStack integration.

The OpenStack Compatible mark indicates interoperability with recent releases of the OpenStack software stack. The company collaborated with Mirantis to secure the OpenStack Compatible mark and is currently the only vendor recognized as OpenStack Compatible for a data center networking fabric optimized for both Neutron and Nova networking environments.

“Our users are deploying OpenStack pods ranging from 2 racks to 16 racks this quarter,” said Kyle Forster, Co-founder at Big Switch. “Even at that scale, our users need to operate less like traditional enterprise IT and more like hyperscale data center architects.  We are accelerating the broad adoption of OpenStack, and OpenStack is accelerating the broad adoption of hyperscale network design.”

In July 2014, Big Switch Networks unveiled its new flagship product -- Big Cloud Fabric, a switching fabric designed for hyperscale data centers powered by SDN software and bare metal switch hardware.

The Big Cloud Fabric leverages the company’s Switch Light Operating System on physical leaf and spine bare metal switch hardware.  It supports the latest Trident II silicon from Broadcom and is designed for 10G and 40G scale and resiliency, featuring headless mode high availability, zero-touch provisioning, L2/3 forwarding options, application-centric policy and service chaining. Management is available via OpenStack, Cloudstack, REST, CLI, or GUI.