Thursday, September 25, 2014

Telstra Expands Presence in Equinix Data Centers

Telstra will expand its data center connectivity with Equinix with two new Australia data center deployments in SY3, the most densely connected data center in Australia, and Melbourne’s ME1, Equinix’s first International Business Exchange (IBX) data center at the heart of Australia’s second largest city.

Telstra is also deployed with Equinix in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney.

Through our global and domestic deployments in Equinix data centers, we have a strong and existing relationship with Equinix. We are in close proximity to hundreds of networks and through these networks, are closer to our customers. The increased network bandwidth enables Telstra to manage more international customers coming to the Australian market. Through our expanded capability in SY3 and ME1, Telstra will have enhanced access to service our customers who choose Equinix as their provider of choice," stated David Piltz, director, Telstra Fixed and Data Access Engineering.