Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rackspace Launches Managed OpenStack Private Cloud

Rackspace launched a new Private Cloud service powered by OpenStack.

The Rackspace Private Cloud, which is designed for enterprise production workloads, includes a 99.99 percent OpenStack API uptime guarantee, increased scalability to hundreds of nodes and DevOps automation services for application lifecycle management.

In addition, hybrid customers have the ability to burst into the public cloud by using RackConnect to securely connect the customer’s Rackspace Private Cloud with the Rackspace Public Cloud.

“Rackspace Private Cloud was designed to deliver stable API-driven OpenStack infrastructure so that our customers can focus on the development of business-critical, revenue-generating applications,” said Darrin Hanson, vice president, Rackspace Private Cloud. “Rackspace’s expertise in operating OpenStack clouds allows our customers to take advantage of a private cloud without investing in in-house operational expertise. With the addition of an industry leading guarantee and DevOps automation of the application lifecycle, customers can rest assured that Rackspace Private Cloud delivers a production-ready platform that can unlock the full power of cloud technology.”

The new release of Rackspace Private Cloud is immediately available in the U.S. and will roll out in Rackspace international data centers in early October 2014.

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