Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Qwilt: iOS 8 Update Causes Big Spike in Network Traffic

Qwilt, a provider of online video delivery and analytics solutions, published data showing a huge spike in Internet traffic due to Apple's release of iOS 8 on Wednesday.  iOS 8 weighs in at 1.3GB (compared to 750 MB for iOS 7) and over the coming days is expected to be installed by hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads worldwide.

Qwilt has been tracking the effects of iOS 8 in networks where its transparent caching solutions are deployed.

Daily media traffic across ISP network that Qwilt monitors was 50% higher than normal daily peaks, as of 4pm PT on Weds, September 17th.  In France at midnight local time, Apple was the No.1 source of Internet traffic, while in the U.S. Apple ranked No.2 behind Netflix at 6pm local time.

Qwilt says it is able to cache 90% of iOS 8 download traffic for its ISP customers.