Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Procera Hits Max Performance on Intel Open Network Platforms

Procera Networks reports that its NFV software solution has demonstrated theoretical maximum performance running on Intel Xeon processor E5, Intel Xeon processor E5 v2, and Intel Xeon processor E5 v3-based commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) platforms.

The performance testing consisted of side-by-side instances of test systems based on multiple generations of Intel Xeon processor-based systems. The test utilized the new Intel Xeon processor E5 2600 v3, running PacketLogic/V software in a virtual machine with 4x10 10Gbps Ethernet connections. The PacketLogic/V software had a complete complement of traffic detection and management rules enabled, simulating a real world deployment, and line rate traffic was sent into the VNF.  In each case the PacketLogic/V software performed at bare metal rates and was able to achieve maximum throughput of all of the available Ethernet interfaces in the system.

"Today's results are significant to our customers and the NFV community," said James Brear, president and CEO at Procera. "Not only have we demonstrated on Intel technology that high-performance applications such as PacketLogicTM can successfully perform as software-only solutions, but our customers now have a choice in deploying PacketLogic as hardware or software with no performance penalty."

This performance was achieved through participation in the Intel Network Builders program and was focused on demonstrating that high-performance NFV applications can be successfully deployed on Intel architecture-based COTS platforms.


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