Monday, September 22, 2014

Orange Business Extends VPN Internet to Cloud Services

Orange Business Services is extending its core Business VPN service to provide its core clients with high-performance, secure access to Internet-based cloud and Web services.

Orange Business VPN Internet improves performance for the entire network by eliminating congestion risks on the IP VPN, reducing Internet access latency and prioritizing business-critical traffic.

Orange Business Services has initially invested in 15 global Internet gateways on five continents in order to route Internet traffic off of the IP VPN closer to the user.  This helps reduce the latency caused by the long physical distances between the user, the gateway and the destination web site on a conventional IP VPN.  Orange Business VPN Internet also ensures that Internet connectivity complies with the enterprise security policy, while delivering Internet costs benefits through smart pricing.

Key Features

  • Worldwide access: gateways are currently available in London, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai, Sydney, Tokyo, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg and Bahrain.
  • Global security policy: each gateway provides virtual firewall protection based on the customer’s security policy. Orange Business Services can also provide cloud-based security such as URL filtering to complement the service.
  • Geolocalization: provides geolocalization as standard, so that users in each country are able to access local Internet services.
  • Application prioritization: new Internet Class of Service (CoS) enables accurate application prioritization and supports traffic bursting between the Internet and IP VPN as required.
  • Pricing: competitively priced hybrid Internet/WAN ports can offer bandwidth cost savings of up to 30%. The solution is available with no additional capital expenditure for customers. 

“By seamlessly integrating secure Internet and cloud services into our core network, we are able to support new ways of working and deliver the best possible end-user experience,” says Pierre-Louis Biaggi, head of the Network Solutions Business Unit, Orange Business Services. “Ultimately, Hybrid Networks as we conceive them at Orange Business Services, help drive the move toward digital transformation by supporting the new generation of Internet-based services.”