Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Spec Targets Low Cost 100G for Data Centers

An industry consortium released a detailed specification (revision 1.0) for low cost 100G interfaces targeting data center applications.

The CWDM4 architecture employs 4 lanes of 25 Gbps using Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) technology to transport 100G optical traffic across duplex single mode fiber (SMF). The specification is designed to take advantage of Forward Error Correction (FEC) on the host port, in accordance with IEEE 802.3bj KR4 RS FEC.  The consortium said its spec was developed through a broad review process, soliciting detailed feedback from a large group of industry experts from more than 40 companies that include system OEMs, optical component vendors, chip vendors, and fiber cabling

“The CWDM4 MSA has achieved a key milestone today in the push towards mass adoption of 100G interfaces in data center applications,” said Vladimir Kozlov, Founder and CEO of Lightcounting Market Research. “Achieving revision 1.0 allows the industry to move forward in developing a common, ubiquitous optics platform for next generation data center applications.”

The CWDM4 MSA consortium was formed earlier this year by Avago Technologies, Finisar, JDSU, Oclaro, and Sumitomo Electric. Over the past six months, the group has grown to include Brocade, ColorChip, Hitachi Metals, Juniper Networks, Kaiam, Mitsubishi Electric, Neophotonics, Oplink, Skorpios Technologies, and SiFotonics.