Monday, September 15, 2014

Huawei's FusionSphere 5.0 Builds on OpenStack

At its Cloud Congress this week in Shanghai, Huawei rolled out its FusionSphere 5.0 architecture for unifying compute, storage and networking in virtualized data centers. Key themes include scale-out performance, software-defined data center infrastructure and an increased focus on big data analytics.

At its foundation, Huawei's FusionSphere 5.0 leverages OpenStack to pursue an open model that it believes will be the basis for all IT.  In its plenary keynote, Huawei cited a number of new performance benchmarks for its cloud infrastructure:

  • Five-nines reliability thanks to redundancy and fault tolerance features
  • The ability to scale cloud storage resources into ultra-large pools reaching 20 peta-bytes (PB)
  • SDN controllers now able to scale to 100,000 network nodes through vSwitching
  • Huawei expects 100 billion devices, sensors, and network nodes online by 2025.
  • Huawei plans to invest US$1 billion in R&D to expand its professional services over next 3 years.
Looking beyond enterprises, Huawei is using the same principles for NFV and telco clouds.
Huawei also released its 2014 Global Connectivity Index (GCI), a barometer of ICT development in 25 nations. Germany came out in top place thanks to its broadband infrastructure and industrial automation progress.

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