Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gigamon: Unified Visibility Needed for VoLTE, 100G, Network Virtualization

Gigamon, which offers active visibility solutions based on its Unified Visibility Fabric, announced a strategy to help network service providers de-risk the rollout of three key technologies: VoLTE, 100G transport links and carrier network virtualization.

Gigamon said it is uniquely positioned to address this “Service Provider Triple Challenge of Network Transformation”  because its Visibility Fabric provides operators with the capabilities to understand both the traffic and technology interdependencies.

“Gigamon is seeing carriers begin deployments with one of the technologies and end up deploying all three in parallel, which causes an unexpected resource crunch that only Gigamon's Visibility Fabric can resolve through the deployment of a unified tool rail. This quickly becomes apparent with two of the new technologies, 100Gb and network virtualization, since they actively remove monitoring visibility.” said Andy Huckridge, director of service provider solutions at Gigamon.

“By deploying a unified tool rail and driving it with the correct traffic, carriers can better understand the interdependencies when deploying these new technologies. This allows for the de-risking of all three new technologies, regardless of which one is deployed first – and keeps resource needs in check while allowing more than one technology to be deployed at the same time. The Visibility Fabric can help carriers understand how each of the Triple Challenge technology deployments affects each other, how each transported traffic type is affected by each deployed technology and how Real Time Protocol (RTP) traffic is affected by other transported traffic types on the same pipe.”