Monday, August 18, 2014

Telstra Launches a Global Cloud UC Collaboration Service

Telstra launched a cloud-based, unified communications service for global enterprises. The service is based on Cisco's unified communications platform. A version of the service has been available in Australia since last year.  Telstra is now taking it to 25 countries.

Telstra’s service will be available from the end of August to customers on a monthly, "per worker" basis. Telstra is defining several worker types (such as essential, office, information or mobile) to provide better support and scalability.

“Our new global service is a significant development in global collaboration capabilities and has been designed specifically for today’s dynamic workplace where employees use the web, video, voice to drive innovation and improve productivity. With Telstra Cloud Collaboration, businesses can roll-out extensive collaboration and communications tools to staff throughout the world, scale user profiles and functionality up and down depending on business requirements and ensure employees working remotely have identical resources to those working in the office – all while minimising traditionally significant upfront investment models,” said Nathan Bell, Telstra Global Enterprise and Services, Director of Marketing, Portfolio and Pricing.

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