Monday, August 4, 2014

Procera Brings Real-time, Mobile QoE Measurement to Handsets

Procera Networks introduced a new method for measuring mobile end-user experience by capturing real-time location and RAN QoE awareness data at the SIM card level.

Procera's RAN Perspectives is a software solution for mobile operators that provides real-time location and radio access network (RAN) quality of experience (QoE) data.  The method significantly reduces the number of probes that an operator would need to deploy in their network and reduces the need for expensive drive testing by capturing actual QoE data from subscribers. The thin software client could be loaded over the air to subscriber devices.  Real-time forensics on the RAN connection streams back to the mobile operator using the SMS channel. The solution integrates into Procera's PacketLogic platform for transforming the data into actionable analysis of quality, congestion, applications, and out-of-coverage hotspots in the mobile network.

"RAN Perspectives was developed to solve one of the biggest challenges for mobile operators, providing real-time location and quality information in a cost-effective manner that they can use to deliver higher quality mobile broadband services," said Alexander Haväng, CTO of Procera Networks. "RAN Perspectives is the first Procera product designed specifically for mobile Subscriber quality of experience, and integrates tightly into our existing PacketLogic solutions, including our Customer Care Insights offering that can now deliver real-time forensics on the RAN connection as well as on the data connection for mobile devices."

RAN Perspectives is available for beta testing, and is expected to be generally available in the first quarter of 2015.