Wednesday, August 6, 2014

LSI's 3rd Generation SandForce Flash Controller Hits 1800 MB/s

LSI's third-generation SandForce SF3700 flash controller has demonstrated sequential performance of 1800MB/s,as well as mixed 80/20 (read/write) workload performance of up to 1300MB/s with a native PCIe interface.  The company said this industry-leading performance is supported by its integrated SHIELD error correction with hard and soft LDPC and DSP technology.

The controller is optimized and architected for bi-directional PCIe traffic.

"Flash storage solutions used for client computing, big data, andhyperscale enterprises are continuing to grow at unprecedented levels, driving the need for more advanced flash controllers to manage these data-intensive environments," said Thad Omura, vice president of marketing, Flash Components Division, LSI. "The SF3700 is the ideal-building block for next-generation storage solutions with its
full-duplex architecture. Both enterprise and client applications will benefit from our proprietary LDPC engine which enables customers to significantly extend NAND flash life by dynamically balancing
performance and reliability with minimal latency."

  • LSI is now a subsidiary of Avago Technologies.

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