Monday, August 11, 2014

Intel Brings its 14 nm Tri-Gate Technology to Production

Intel's 14 nm technology is now qualified and in volume production. Yields of the 14 nm Broadwell chips are now in the healthy range and the further yield improvements are expected as volume ramps up. Intel has three fabs manufacturing or soon to be manufacturing at 14nm: Oregon (2014), Arizona (2014) and Ireland (2015).

Intel also disclosed technical details of its new Broadwell microarchitecture for the first time, including specifications on fin pitch, gate pitch, interconnect pitch and the latest Tri-gate transistors. The 2nd generation Tri-gate transistors offer significantly improved low voltage performance and lower leakage. Intel estimates a better than 2x improvement in performance per watt compared with its current 22 nm technology.

Broadwell, which will be the first of multiple design implemented in 14 nm, will be used for a variety of ultra thin notebooks and tablets expected to hit the market at the end of this year.

"Intel's integrated model – the combination of our design expertise with the best manufacturing process – makes it possible to deliver better performance and lower power to our customers and to consumers," said Rani Borkar, Intel vice president and general manager of product development. "This new microarchitecture is more than a remarkable technical achievement. It is a demonstration of the importance of our outside-in design philosophy that matches our design to customer requirements."


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