Thursday, August 7, 2014

Google Compute Engine Adds Features and Zones

This week, Google rolled out a number of new features and tools for Google Compute Engine.  Some highlights:

  • Introduced the ability to SSH directly from the Developers Console to a VM.
  • Added a third zone to both us-central1 and asia-east1 regions, making it easier to use Compute Engine to run systems like MongoDB that use a quorum-based architecture for high availability. The new zones, us-central1-f and asia-east1-c, both support transparent maintenance.
  • SSD persistent disks are now generally available.  In addition, new tools make it easier to create custom images from the root of persistent disk.

Google also named Coca Cola, Screenz and ABC’s Rising Star, AllTheCooks, Fastly and Brightcove as customers.

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