Sunday, August 24, 2014

FCC Posts Rules for Medical Body Area Networks

The FCC finalized rules covering Medical Body Area Networks (MBANs) used as a platform for wireless networking of multiple body sensors for performing diagnostic or therapeutic functions, primarily in health care facilities. MBAN devices promise to enhance patient safety, care and comfort by reducing the need to physically connect sensors to essential monitoring equipment by cables and wires.

An MBAN is a low power network of sensors worn on the body controlled by a hub device that is located either on the body or in close proximity to it. MBAN devices operate in the 2360-2400 MHz band on a secondary basis, that is, they mus not cause harmful interference to and must accept interference from Federal and non-Federal stations operating in the band in accordance with the Table of Frequency Allocations. The 2360-2390 MHz band is allocated for the Mobile Service on a primary basis and is used for aeronautical mobile telemetry (AMT). The 2390-2400 MHz band is allocated for both the Amateur Service and the Mobile Service on a primary basis.

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