Thursday, July 24, 2014

Telefónica launches "Sinfonier" CyberSecurity Community

Telefónica introduced Sinfonier, a collaborative security working environment for developers and researchers to share cybersecurity intelligence.

Telefónica said its goal with Sinfonier is to provice security researchers and intelligence analysts a free infrastructure so they can create and collaborate on security topologies.

Sinfonier is made up of an open, collaborative community with a real-time framework (Apache-STORM) alongside an intuitive graphic interface and an abstraction layer to facilitate the development of new functions. Developers and researchers feed content into the algorithms in the form of topologies, maximising the use of information. Through this collaborative model information is obtained from a variety of sources and is transformed, thereby generating a digital intelligence environment which can then be used by all the users of the community in order to generate their own intelligence algorithms and solutions.

Telefónica is recently been showcasing Sinfonier in Madrid (RootedCON) and Mexico (Campus Party Guadalajara).