Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fujitsu's E-Band Radio Boasts Rates of 3.0 Gbps

Fujitsu introduced its new BroadOne GX4000 E-Band radio for the North American market.

The BroadOne GX4000 Series, which operates in the 70/80 GHz or E-band, features a patented Impulse Radio Technology boasting 3 Gbps (uncompressed) transmission rates and ultra-low latency. Latency is rated at under 20 microseconds per 1 link in CPRI mode. A compact form factor makes the GX4000 ideally suited for applications requiring ultra-high capacity, short spans, where fiber is not available.

It can be used in the following modes:

  • Gigabit Ethernet transport, typically applied for backhauling mobile/fixed networks: An E-band link is an ideal complement to wired backhaul technology, as it provides enough transmission capacity to support radically increased data traffic demands within a short timeframe.
  • CPRI (Common Public Radio Interface) transport, for fronthaul in mobile networks: The expansion of LTE and LTE-Advanced introduces the distributed radio access network architecture, or Cloud-RAN. The new challenge for mobile network operators will be fronthaul, i.e., securing many connections between a centralized-baseband unit (BBU) and remote radio head (RRH) in the most reliable, cost efficient method. The GX4000 provides an industry-leading solution to address the fronthaul challenge, while at the same time reducing OPEX, with a flexible, easy to deploy solution.
  • Portable networks for disaster recovery and low-latency transport: Wireless transport solutions are extremely important if a communications network is heavily damaged and infrastructure must be quickly restored. The GX4000 is an ideal solution for getting emergency data traffic back up and running in a short amount of time.

“As one of the world’s leading microwave providers, Fujitsu is pleased to introduce our patented Impulse Radio Technology to the North American market,” said Tetsuya Takase, Head of the Wireless Business Unit. “This breakthrough technology provides real advantages over traditional carrier-based transmission, making the BroadOne GX4000 platform a perfect fit for delivering ultra-high capacity communications in a variety of settings, including hospitals, campuses, and residential areas, ultimately helping to improve the customer experience.”


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