Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cloudwatt Deploys with Juniper's OpenContrail SDN

 Cloudwatt, a new public cloud provider based in France, has deployed Juniper's open source OpenContrail SDN to build a sovereign and secure public cloud for its enterprise customers. The network went live at the end of June.

Juniper said Cloudwatt is one of the most active contributors to the OpenContrail community to-date.

"The choice of an open source SDN solution was essential for us from a sovereignty perspective. By integrating OpenContrail with our choice of cloud management platform, OpenStack, we can greatly simplify our cloud network design and operations, seamlessly connect virtual and physical environments and scale out our cloud without compromising security and privacy. Ultimately, OpenContrail makes it possible for us to enhance sovereignty, contain network operation cost and to provide competitive pricing to our customers," stated Didier Renard, president and CEO, Cloudwatt.


  • Investors in Cloudwatt include Orange,Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations and Thales.

  • In September 2013, Juniper Networks introduced OpenContrail, a new initiative that makes the source code library for its Contrail SDN solution available through an open source license.  OpenContrail will provide all the components necessary to run a data-center overlay including an SDN controller, virtual router, orchestration API, analytics and management console.  The use of OpenContrail is available via an Apache 2.0 License. 
    The company said it decided to offer an open source version of its SDN system due to customer interest in open source and the desire to boost innovation in the industry.  OpenContrail gives developers the opportunity to innovate, adopt and experiment with SDN technology that seamlessly integrates with existing network infrastructures.  
    The paid version of Contrail is backed by the company's full support resources.