Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Violin Memory's All Flash Array Scales to 280TB per Rack

Violin Memory unveiled its Concerto 7000 All Flash Array along with new software that adds synchronous and asynchronous replication and metro cluster capabilities.

Violin's Concerto 7000 All Flash Array scales to 280TB in a fully configured, super-dense 18RU, low power footprint. The platform delivers micro-second latency for up to 20x faster application response times.  Flash also uses 90 percent less floor space, power and cooling.

Violin's Concerto enterprise data services software also offers continuous data protection, WAN optimized replication and in-flight encryption that can be configured on a LUN-by-LUN basis. The advanced software capabilities ensure long flash life with array-wide flash management, wear leveling and vRAID.

“The Concerto 7000 All Flash Array helps our customers deliver ‘Business in a Flash’, by transforming IT resources into competitive assets that create new possibilities based on the performance, data protection, and transactional capabilities we design into our all-flash solutions,” said Violin Memory CEO Kevin DeNuccio.


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