Thursday, June 26, 2014

Orange Silicon Valley Invites Start-ups to Test in its GigaStudio

Orange Silicon Valley announced the opening of its GigaStudio, a lab dedicated to helping start-ups test ultra-high bandwidth use cases in a secure 1 Gbps test bed environment. The company will be providing free access to GigaStudio for interested companies.

Orange Silicon Valley is seeking the early adopters and evangelists in the ultrafast Internet ecosystem. The GigaStudio will hold events to champion gigabit use cases and applications.

Orange Silicon Valley said gigabit speed fundamentally reshapes the consumer experience.  "Gigabit thinking" refers to how gigabit will fundamentally reshape the consumer experience. While common wisdom equates gigabit Internet with more and higher resolution video consumption, the technology demands a reset of product design thinking. By definition, gigabit Internet means that companies are no longer constrained by bandwidth limitations and the requirement to optimize for speed. Additional fiber benefits include low latency for gaming applications, symmetrical connections for faster uploads/cloud syncing, and effectively unlimited multi-tasking for consumer households.

In the French market, Orange Fiber has 400,000 customers and 3 million French households are eligible for fiber today.

Gabriel Sidhom, VP of Technology Strategy & Development at Orange SV, commented: "Orange is fully committed to rolling out very high broadband networks throughout Europe: Spain, Poland, and especially France with the target of covering 60% of the population by 2020. We are opening the Orange GigaStudio doors for high bandwidth startups to access our customer base. I encourage you to bring your ideas, come connect to our dedicated gigabit connection, and shape the Internet of tomorrow with us."

Orange Silicon Valley will hold the first Orange GigaStudio information session on July 31st.