Friday, June 20, 2014

NTT Com Bolsters its WideAngle Managed Security Services

NTT Com Security (formerly Integralis) announced improved threat detection and analysis functionality for its Managed Security Services (MSS) platform delivered under the WideAngle brand.

The enhancements, which include Time Based Analysis Intelligence and a Correlated Log Analysis (CLA) service, will provide significantly improved detection rates of up to 500% of unknown security threats for NTT Com Security customers worldwide. They will also enable better correlation of threat intelligence from different sources and between security and non-security devices, including authentication servers, web proxy servers, databases and networks devices, as well as conventional security devices like firewalls, IPS and anti virus.

Additional functionality includes Enhanced Packet Capture (PCAP) support for IDS/IPS vendors, delivering improved analysis and fewer false positives to customers. In addition, newly developed Intelpacks – sets of algorithms implemented within the MSS analysis engine – provide tailored detection and ensure organisations stay up to date with the very latest attack methods and tools.

  • NTT Communications acquired Integralis AG in 2009 for its IT security expertise.