Tuesday, June 3, 2014

ItsOn Releases its Cloud-based OSS/BSS

ItsOn, a start-up based in Redwood City, California, announced the commercial release of its cloud-based  OSS/BSS. The ItsOn Smart Services Platform enables mobile operators to virtualize service policy control, billing and traffic-management functions for data, voice and text, with an optimized real-time, on-device user experience.

The company said the goal of its integrated smart policy and charging solution is to help mobile operators offer highly personalized contextual services and applications-based plans to their customers. The cloud platform integrates with existing mobile network architectures to orchestrate OSS/BSS.

"The only way operators can meet the growing trend toward exciting new use cases such as personalized mobile service plans for families and businesses, sponsored applications, content as a service, on-device contextual marketing and real-time on-device customer care, while also reducing operating costs, is to extend and enhance their OSS/BSS and policy orchestration systems," said Greg Raleigh, Founder and CEO of ItsOn.


  • ItsOn secured $28 million in seed, Series A and Series B as well as an additional $12.5 million in an April 2014 Series C round of funding, led by Tenaya Capital with participation from existing investor Andreessen Horowitz. Previous ItsOn investors include Vodafone Ventures, Verizon Investments, SV Angel and an investor group led by Jim Davidson.
  • ItsOn is headed by Dr. Raleigh, who previously served as vice president of mobile internet at Qualcomm; founder, President, chief executive officer and board member at Airgo Networks (acquired by Qualcomm in 2006); vice president of wireless internet at Cisco; founder and president of Clarity Wireless (acquired by Cisco in 1998); and chief scientist and vice president of research and development at Watkins Johnson Company.