Monday, June 9, 2014

HP Unveils SDN App and New Data Center Switch

At its HP Discovery corporate conference this week in Las Vegas, HP is introducing its Virtual Cloud Networking SDN Application based on open-source standards, along with a new HP FlexFabric datacenter 7900 switch series.  The HP Virtual Cloud Networking SDN Application will be available in August as part of the HP Helion OpenStack. The SDN app aims to automate network service, allowing applications to be rapidly deployed to thousands of users or tenants. It support private and hybrid clouds.

HP said its new FlexFabric 7900 Modular Core Switch provides a high-performance SDN fabric that delivers a high-quality application user experience, simplified operations and lower total cost of ownership to virtualized data centers.  The HP FlexFabric data center switches integrate the virtual overlay with the physical underlay to create a unified resilient fabric that ensures network visibility, availability and rapid response time for end-users.

The new switch supports full Layer 2 and 3 features, including advanced features such as TRILL and HP Intelligent Resilient Fabric (IRF), which enable scale-out, two-tier leaf-spine architectures. It supports VXLAN, NVGRE and OpenFlow 1.3.  HP is offering a number of high-density 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE interfaces in a smaller footprint than a traditional modular chassis.

The company claims this implementation can accelerate workload mobility for VMware vSphere vMotion by up to 80 percent. HP FlexFabric 7900 switch series starts at $55,500 and is available now.