Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Coriant Achieves 57.6 Tbps Data Transmission Rate over Hollow Core Fiber

Coriant achieved a data transmission rate of 57.6 Tbps (gross rate of 73.7 Tbps) over hollow core optical fiber -- an officially certified Guinness World Record.

Coriant said hollow core photonic band gap fibers offer a significant increase in transmission capacity, due to its potential for a much lower attenuation, virtually non-existing nonlinear distortions, a much higher optical amplification bandwidth, and ultimately low latency. In combination with space division multiplexing (SDM) technology, which Coriant has been actively researching for several years and successfully demonstrated last in a customer field trial, the capacity of hollow core fibers could increase 100-fold compared to current systems.

"Coriant is proud to have Guinness World Records recognize our achievement in the highest data transmission rate over hollow core optical fiber, which was 50 times the previous record,” said Ken Craft, Executive Vice President, Optical Products and Technology at Coriant. “This achievement represents further proof that we are on the right path driving this research, keeping our finger on the pulse of cutting-edge innovations.”


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