Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Video: Small Cell Viewpoints from Radisys

The market for small cells, led by early deployments in Korea, is now going global, says Renuka Bhalerao, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Radisys.  This video covers key trends in small cells, including:

1:07 - How will VoLTE impact the Small Cell market?
1:55 - Is it possible to support both TDD and FDD in the same Small Cell platform?
2:41 - What is the essential value proposition that Radisys delivers to its Small Cell customers?
3:44 - Do mobile operators sometimes have their own requirements for Small Cell equipment?
4:56  - Key technology partners for Small Cells?
5:40 - What can we learn from the massive Small Cell rollouts in Korea?
07:11 - Different solutions sets for Residential vs. Business Small Cells
07:47 - MWC2014 award with Airspan

See video:  http://youtu.be/2slBokkOHeQ