Monday, May 5, 2014

Supermicro's Atom-powered MicroBladess with Pluribus SDN Switching

Pluribus Networks, a start-up developing an open architecture that converges compute, network, storage, and virtualization into a highly programmable, merchant silicon-based platform, is deploying its Netvisor network operating system on Supermicro’s MicroBlade microserver platform switching blades.  The 6U 112 node Intel Atom-based MicroBlade features integrated 10/40 GbE Intel FM5224 Ethernet switches for ultra high-density server deployments.

The integrated switches featuring SDN capability will now run Pluribus Netvisor, offering functionality such as sophisticated Layer 2+ and high-availability across multiple switch modules within the MicroBlade chassis via the Netvisor’s fabric-cluster.  Multiple MicroBlade chassis may interconnect via the fabric-cluster offering a single point of management and powerful analytics, while distributing the switching intelligence ‘in-rack’ as opposed to at a single point at the top-of-rack.

“Our strategic relationship with Supermicro brings together breakthrough server technology and Netvisor inNetwork services for data center deployments looking for maximum density, performance, and availability” said Kumar Srikantan, president and CEO of Pluribus Networks.  “It redefines the way enterprises and cloud operators deploy infrastructure and services in today’s highly competitive environment, while at the same time introduces the first turn-key and supportable solution to this segment of the market.”