Monday, May 19, 2014

Microsemi Intros Low-Noise, Chip Scale Atomic Clock

Microsemi Corporation introduced its Low Noise Chip Scale Atomic Clock (LN CSAC), which combines the best of oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) and standard CSAC technologies by employing an ultra-low power crystal oscillator within the control loop of the atomic clock to optimize Allan deviation and phase noise.

Microsemi said its innovations in processing, packaging and manufacturing makes possible portable atomic clocks with leading-edge performance and specifications, including for low noise, which is a critical parameter in many radar and communication applications for both military and industrial sectors.

"LN CSAC leverages the leading edge ultra-low power atomic clock technology developed by Microsemi to produce the only commercially available low power frequency reference and timing module unique within the industry," said Peter Cash, business area director of Microsemi's Space, Defense and Avionics (SDA) business. "This new device produces atomic clock accuracy and crystal oscillator signal purity that can operate using battery power to provide low power signal generation for a broad range of applications. These capabilities operate within the volume of typical ovenized crystal oscillators using a fraction of the power, with features common in sophisticated timing modules."