Wednesday, May 21, 2014

IBM Intros Trusteer Endpoint Protection Software

IBM introduced its new Trusteer Apex endpoint software aimed at stopping advanced malware at the weakest link, the endpoint, including laptops and desktops.

IBM's Trusteer Apex software, which is the newest offering in the company's Threat Protection System announced earlier this month, leverages security intelligence and behavioral analytics to go beyond traditional anti-virus approaches and firewalls to disrupt attacks across the entire attack chain - from break-in to exfiltrate.

IBM said its new Trusteer Apex software addresses strategic chokepoints where cybercriminals focus their attention, take hold of a user's endpoint and infect it with malware. For example, Java is the target of half of the application vulnerability attacks. Trusteer Apex can stop attacks that are embedded into Java applications and lock them from wreaking havoc on the enterprise.  Trusteer Apex prevents malicious Java applications through assessing application trust and activity risk, and blocking untrusted apps from doing high-risk activities.

"Through extensive research, IBM has identified specific stages of the attack chain where cyber criminals have relatively few options to execute their malicious content," said Yaron Dycian, Vice President of Marketing, Products & Services at Trusteer, an IBM company.  "Current point solutions in the market offer narrow protections against specific attack vectors and create significant workload on overstretched security teams, making it difficult to manage against cyber threats. Our strategic chokepoint technology introduces a fresh approach for breaking the threat lifecycle and preempting cyber attacks."