Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fujitsu Expands its SDN Portfolio with Multi-layer WAN Solutions

Fujitsu introduced the second round of products in its Intelligent Networking and Computing Architecture, which uses SDN to optimize network-wide flows across the entire ICT platform.  The first round of SDN solutions from Fujitsu included network virtualization products for data centers. This round focuses on multi-layer, wide-area implementations.

Fujitsu said the new products, which became available for ordering beginning May 9 in Japan, enable virtual networks with centralized management across WANs. The solutions provide visualization of communication routes for each service and provide control and management functions, including for existing IP-communications equipment. The new set includes:

  • Virtuora NC software -- centrally manages network-configuration information and integrates virtual networks. It uses Fujitsu's proprietary routing-design engine to determine the best route based on multiple types of information, including number of hops and guaranteed bandwidth. It also provides a service chaining functionality that selects and connects to functions (such as firewalls and load balancers) available on a wide-area network. It enables visualization of communications-routing information for each service in an easy-to-read display to simplify virtual network operations that usually require a high level of specialized knowledge, which contributes to lower operating expenses.
  • Virtuora SN-V software -- carries out virtual-network control and user-data transport processes based on the information set up by Virtuora NC. The software, which runs on standard x86 servers, uses Fujitsu's proprietary execution-control technology to achieve high-speed data-communications processing. It is controlled by Virtuora NC, and it can autonomously perform routing-trouble monitoring and instant switchover when faults are detected. Virtuora SN-V uses standard OpenFlow 1.3(4) protocol as its control interface.
  • Proactnes II QM software -- provides for network-quality management. The latest release analyzes communications traffic, then instantly detects any deterioration of quality and accurately identifies problem areas. It reports information on degraded quality to Virtuora NC, and has supports the NVGRE protocol and the Q-in-Q protocol.