Wednesday, May 7, 2014

CALIENT Offers 320x320 Port Optical Switches for Data Centers

CALIENT Technologies unveiled two new optical circuit switch subsystems aimed at data center, telecom or media networking applications.

The new subsystems are based on CALIENT’s 320-port S320 Optical Circuit Switch that uses the company’s patented 3D MEMS optical switching technology. The new subsystems include the MSM-320, a 320x320-port pure optical switch with complete protocol independence and bandwidth scalability to 400 Gbps and up. The low-power module includes the 3D MEMS switching core, mirror driver circuitry and a redundant Linux-based control processor. The control processor manages all system functions including switching and real-time insertion loss optimization. The second OEM subsystem is the OMM-320, a 320-port optical power-monitoring module that uses scanning mirror technology to monitor power levels on up to 320 optical fibers. The OMM provides feedback to the MSM control processor to dynamically adjust mirrors on all 320 connections to minimize optical insertion loss. Alternatively, the OMM-320 can be deployed in other optical networking applications where low-cost, high-port-count power measurements are required.

CALIENT cited several successful deployments of the S320 into cloud datacenter and service provider networks.

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