Thursday, May 29, 2014

Broadcom Samples Secure Processor for Internet of Things

Broadcom has begun sampling a new secure processor designed for a wide range of endpoint applications including payment terminals and devices aggregating data from Internet of Things (IoT) applications.  
The new addition to the StrataGX family, the BCM58300, incorporates the most advanced hardware security, a high performance ARM Cortex A9 processor running up to 1.25GHz and versatile communications and user interfaces.  The ARM Cortex A9 processor also includes L1 and L2 caches, ARM NEON Single Instruction, Multiple Data (SIMD) architecture extensions and floating-point unit to support enhanced graphics, audio, video, and other capabilities. In addition, the device is integrated with enhanced BroadSAFE Security, which provides strong hardware-based protection for critical user and payment data without impacting system performance. BroadSAFE capabilities include hardware cryptographic acceleration, Secure boot, Security Protection Logic such as Tampers, Monitors, Sensors, and battery-backed logic. In addition the BCM58300 family integrates ARM TrustZONE secure processing architecture.

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